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Proudly Serving Wayne, NJ since 1923

About us

The Pompton Falls Volunteer Fire Department (PFVFD) was founded in 1923, in Wayne, New Jersey. PFVFD began with a meeting between Moritz Klein, Mitchel Dawes Sr. and Harry Rhinesmith, in Rhinesmith's store on Hamburg Turnpike. On November 15th, 1923 our Fire Department was formed with 25 charter members. The firehouse was originally located on the Pompton Crossroads, at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Black Oak Ridge road in a building made available to PFVFD by the old Sheffield Farms company.  During that time we could only afford to purchase six sets of boots and jackets for the firefighters.  When responding, you had to hope that you were going to be one of the lucky ones who got protective gear.

Our present building, located at 130 Jackson Avenue was built by the members, who gave up their weekends for a year until the building was completed in 1945.  Since that time, several modifications and additions have been made to the building to accommodate new apparatus and an expanding membership.  The most recent of these additions was completed in 2006 to accommodate Engine 3-2 and Engine 3-5.

The original fire apparatus used by the company was a 1924 Mack pumper which was retired in 1951 and is now part of a permanent exhibit in the Village Museum in Monroe, New York.  Currently we have three engines and one aerial apparatus.  Our three engines serve specific dual purposes - Engine 3-1 is a pumper-rescue combination, Engine 3-2 is a pumper-fast attack and Engine 3-5 is a "6-wheel" drive pumper designed to access specific areas that we protect.

Although we originally served nearly one third of the township's land area, Pompton Falls Volunteer Fire Department is now one of five fire companies that provide fire protection and emergency services to the citizens of Wayne and the 28 square miles of land that it covers.